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  • Alex Wok

Racial Enclaves


  • Racial enclaves are geographic areas in which there is a relative demographic concentration of an ethnic group which is otherwise a racial minority. Although the precise threshold of ethnic concentration required for an area to be deemed an ‘enclave’ is unsettled, an Australian suburb which might meet this definition is Eastwood. According to the 2016 Census, 38.4% of Eastwood residents had Chinese ancestry. Equally, Chinatowns have long been perceived as ethnic enclaves. Enclaves are fundamentally imagined communities where emotionally-charged debate surrounding crime, immigration and economic empowerment are the norm.

  • In Denmark, an enclave is a neighbourhood in which at least 50% of the residents are immigrants from non-Western countries, at least 40% of residents are unemployed or at least 2.7% of residents have criminal convictions. In Australia, an electorate such as Wentworth in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with around 70% Anglo-Australian ancestry is not termed an enclave. Rightly or wrongly, enclaves invoke inherent connotations of race and class.


Do racial enclaves promote multiculturalism?

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