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  • Alex Wok

Affirmative Action

Edited by Marc Eastmure


  • Occupational inequality has always been a large issue in the workforce: those born into social or economic advantage often have better access to education, resulting in better employment outcomes. This leads to structural disenfranchisement, limiting the potential of these groups to reach social parity with the more advantaged.

  • However, these programmes have not come without controversy, and pose questions about the nature of what constitutes equality. Notably, Harvard Law School has come under scrutiny and legal action regarding its admission policies: allegations of racial bias were posed when it was found that Asian-Americans made up merely 19% of admitted students, despite greater academic performance when compared to their peers. This bias is extremely statistically significant: Economist Peter Arcidiacono, employed as part of the litigation against Harvard, found that male Asian-Americans with qualifications to satisfy a 25% chance of admission would have a 36% chance if Caucasian, 77% chance if Hispanic, and 95% chance if African-American.


Is affirmative action effective in combatting structural inequality against marginalised groups?

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