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  • Alex Wok

Defense Export Support Scheme


  • The Turnbull government has recently announced a new $3.8 billion loan scheme to offer financial support for Australian companies involved in exporting defence/military equipment to overseas markets, particularly focusing on those that have been denied funding from private financiers

  • These strategic outcomes include promoting regional stability and a rules-based international order at a time when violent conflict causes “80% of humanitarian needs […] straining international responses”. Encouraging defence exporters to expand to international markets may undermine these strategic outcomes.

  • In financial year 2015-16, Australia’s defence exports industry was worth $4.2 billion. EFIC, the government body that provides finance to exporters has a history of helping defence exporters secure funding. Shipbuilding company Austal has received $1.234 billion for export contracts since 1994.


What should the government’s role

be in assisting defence manufacturers

to export to foreign markets?


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