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  • Alex Wok

Cage Farming

The topic of 'cage farming' was suggested by the RSPCA, who agreed to share this article on their social media channels if we wrote an article on this issue. Polity did not receive any form of payment, nor did the RSPCA have any editorial input in the writing of this article.


  • Because of how small these cages are, the hens housed within them are unable to perform many of their natural behaviours, such as spreading their wings, pecking, and dustbathing. This results in many detrimental effects to chickens such as:

  • The disintegration of their bones from not being able to move, leading to the development of chronic diseases such as 'cage layer fatigue'; where hens become so weak as to lose their ability to move.

  • The requirement to practice beak-trimming (the partial removal of a chicken's beak), to reduce the harmful effects of pecking and cannibalism induced from being housed in such a confined area. There is evidence to show that acute pain is felt by chickens who have had their beaks trimmed.

  • Chickens show a surprisingly high level of intelligence, and may even be sensitive to the welfare of its peers. Thus, being enclosed in such a small space for the duration of their lives puts a lot of psychological stress on the chickens.

  • It is because of these concerns that the use of battery cages have been banned in 29 countries & some American states, including all countries in the European Union, the UK, & Switzerland. In addition, New Zealand and Canada are currently phasing out battery cages.


Should Australia phase out

the use of battery cages?


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