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  • Alex Wok

Recreational Marijuana


  • Currently, the penalties for the possession of small amounts of cannabis are not severe. Each state's laws are as follows:

  • SA, NT, ACT: possession of less than 50 grams can result $100 - $200 fines;

  • WA: Possession of 10g or less will require one to attend a mandatory one-on-one counselling session;

  • NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS: Possession and use of cannabis is a criminal offence. However, it is unlikely that anyone caught will be convicted, with the courts preferring to give a court warning (section 10) which does not carry any punitive penalties, and does not appear on the criminal record.

  • The above events have spurred discussion about whether recreational cannabis should be legalised, with research polls showing that support for legalisation in Australia has reached all time highs (43% for, 32% against).


Should cannabis be legalised for recreational use & regulated in a Similar way to alcohol?


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